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Available to all members:
  • Engine analysis and auto-annotations of all rated games played.
  • 2 endgame problems per day.
  • Create opening repertoires with up to 20000 positions.
  • 2 guess the move games.
  • Tactical motif performance stats.
  • 100 problem history size.
  • Opening explorer 10 moves deep.
  • Unlimited tactics per day with 110,000+ problems from real games.
  • Choose to solve problems with specific themes, and get a theme specific rating.
  • Play unlimited online games.
  • Game database.
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All free features, plus the following:
  • Access 1 chess engine thread for a total of 12 hours/day.
  • 20 endgame problems per day.
  • Create opening repertoires with up to 25000 positions.
  • 8 guess the move games.
  • 10000 problem history size.
  • Unlimited opening explorer depth.
  • Bulk download 100 PGN games.
  • Create custom problem sets.
  • Problem rating distribution graph.
  • Daily activity calendar.
  • View problem PGN.
  • See common mistakes by others on each problem.
  • Create personal tags.
  • FIDE rating estimate.
  • Engine evaluation for the top moves in each problem position.
  • Extra database features.
  • Play position against computer.

All silver features, plus the following:
  • Analyse up to 2 positions at once with our cloud engines.
  • Unlimited endgame problems per day.
  • Create opening repertoires with up to 40000 positions.
  • 497 guess the move games.
  • 50000+ problem history size.
  • Bulk download 1000 PGN games.
  • Personal tactical problems from your games played on Chesstempo.
  • Spaced repetition learning.
  • Setup student/coach relationships.
  • Advanced custom set filters.
  • Custom set problem ordering.
  • Merged custom sets.
  • Per problem past attempts table.
  • Daily rating fluctuation graph.
  • Problem history filter.
  • Full engine lines of top 5 moves in each problem position.
  • Download problem history into Excel.
  • Game database material balance search.
  • Source game details for tactics and endgame problems.

All gold features, plus the following:
  • Access up to 8 engine threads for a total of 96 hours/day.
  • Create opening repertoires with up to 60000 positions.
  • Request bulk engine analysis for up to 5000 opening repertoire positions each day. Analysis is spread over our cloud engines to speed up processing, and does not take up any of the 8 engine threads offered to Diamond members for non-repertoire analysis.
  • Provide the highest level of support for ongoing Chesstempo development.

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Common membership questions

What payment methods do you support?

We currently accept Paypal (outside of EU/UK), credit or debit cards from most major card providers, alipay in China, Przelewy24 in Poland, giropay in Germany, EPS in Austria, IDEAL in Netherlands, Bancontact in Belgium, Sofort in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain, and SEPA based direct bank transfer payments in countries using the Euro. Alipay, Przelewy24, giropay, Bancontact, IDEAL and SEPA are currently only supported for one-time payments, and are not available for auto-renewing subscriptions. Note that SEPA and Sofort payments may take several days to verify. Pricing in several major currencies is directly supported. If your own currency is not supported, then pricing is shown in US dollars and our payment providers should be able to automaticly convert US dollars into your local currency on checkout.

Do memberships automatically renew at the end of membership period?

When you signup, you can choose between auto-renew and non-auto-renew membership plans.

How do I cancel an auto-renew membership?

For auto-renew memberships made after 1st November 2017 you can cancel the auto-renew membership by going to the account tab in your user settings panel. Memberships activated before that period can be cancelled by logging in to your Paypal account, and going to the recurring payments section, where you will find the Chesstempo subscription, and a button to cancel the subscription. After cancellation, your membership continues to run until the end of the current period.

Can I upgrade a premium membership to a higher level?

Yes, if you already have an active premium membership, the signup button for higher levels of memberships becomes an upgrade button. Upgrades are priced based on the remaning time left on your membership. If you have an active auto-renew membership, you will need to cancel it before the upgrade can be made.

What is your refund policy?

If you are unhappy with your premium membership in any way, contact us within seven days of your purchase to request a no-questions-asked refund.

Do GM and IM title holders get free memberships?

Yes, any holder of a GM/IM/WGM/WIM title can apply for a free gold membership by sending an email to containing their username, FIDE id, and a scan of an official form of photo id such as a drivers license or passport.

Do you offer group pricing?

Yes, schools, clubs and coaches can make use of group pricing discounts. To pay for a group membership, click on the purchase group membership button, and choose the desired group size, and membership type. You'll be shown the discounted total price and can then finalise the payment. To allocate the memberships, go to the account tab of your settings, click the allocate membership button, and choose the usernames of the people you are assigning the membership to. Note that to maximise your discount, you need to purchase all memberships at the same time, if you purchase 50 memberships and then later purchase another 10 memberships, the 10 memberships will get a smaller discount than if you had purchased all 60 memberships at once.

Do you provide gift certificates?

Yes, to order a gift certificate click on the purchase gift membership button, and choose the membership level and period for the gift. You can choose to allocate the gift immediately to another username, or you can request that a PDF certificate with your chosen theme be sent to your account which you can either print or email on to the desired recipient. The certificate contains a gift code that the recipient uses to upgrade their membership. The recipient does not need an existing account, as they can create a new account before redeeming the gift code.

Is my credit card secure while paying?

Yes, not only do we not store your credit card details, no credit card information passes through our servers, and all card processing is handled over an encrpyted connection by our highly secure payment processors such as Paypal and Stripe.

Any other questions?

If you have any other membership questions, please contact